The Purpose

The main purpose of the Institute is to contribute towards a better knowledge of international law as a means of strengthening international peace and security and promoting friendly relations and cooperation among States. In addition, the Institute is meant to contribute to strengthening the rule of law both domestically and internationally within the African continent, by ensuring an effective national implementation of international standards in the field of human rights, good governance, independence of the judiciary, accountability and fight against corruption.
Objective 1
Offer specialized and focused training courses and research programmes to advanced students, scholars, government and private sector officials on various aspects of international law.
Objective 2
Enhance teaching and research capacities of associated African law faculties in the field of international law and the law of the African Union.
Objective 3
Develop capabilities of officials of the justice, trade and foreign affairs ministries, and other key actors in international litigation and negotiations.
Objective 4
Contribute to a more stable, rules-based inter-governmental relations within the Continent by creating a wide pool of legal skills in the field of international law, the law of the African Union and regional organizations.
Objective 5
Promote scholarly publications and research of international law issues of relevance to Africa and provide a platform for wide dissemination of such publications in all the official languages of the African Union.
Objective 6
Establish fellowship programmes for African and foreign scholars engaged in research on subjects of direct relevance to international law in Africa and the legal dimensions of political and economic integration among African countries utilizing the Institute`s library facilities.