W. KULUNDU-BITONYE, is a Professor of Law, having taught at various universities in Africa. He studied for his Bachelor’s of Law degree at the University of Dar es Salaam (1973-1976); Master’s of Law degree at the University of Nairobi Kenya (1976-78). He was awarded a Doctor of Laws LL. D. (Honoris Causa) (2016) from the Commomwealth University, London.

His academic career started at the University of Nairobi as a lecturer in (1980-1990). Thereafter he has taught at several other universities in Africa: including the National University of Lesotho (1990-1998) and Rhodes University, Grahams Town, South Africa (1998-2004). Apart from rigorous pursuit of acadeic scholarship, he has also been intimately associated with the administration of universities as: Head, Commercial Law Department, University of Nairobi (1986-1990); Head, Department of Private law, National University of Lesotho (1992-1994), Dean of Law, National University of Lesotho (1994-1998). He acted as Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the National University of Lesotho on various occasions.

In 2004, he was re-called by the newly formed Government of the Republic of Kenya from university teaching to restablish the Kenya School of Law (2004-2014) and the Council of Legal Education (2014-2018) in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As CEO of the Kenya School of Law and later the Council of Legal Education he worked closely with senior government officials, international organisations, the donor community and academic institutions in the East African region and beyond. He has also had short sojourns researching and teaching at the University of Edinburg, Scotland and the Max-Planck Institute for Private international law, Hamburg, Germany. He has attended numerous short courses on leadership, governance, management and strategy at RIPA, London, England and the Kennedy School, Harvard University, among other institutions.

He has participated in the reform of several instituions in educational, Public Service and Judiciary sector institutions, including the Law Reform of Kenya, Public Service Commission (PSC) in Kenya, the GJLOS, a programme reform agenda initiated by the Government of the Republic of Kenya and international foreign donor institutions in the early 2000s and the Judicial Training Institute (JTI) Kenya. He has worked as Secretary to several Ministerial taskforces on legal education and training and assisted in drating several legislations on varions themes. He has acted as consultant with national and international organisations, Including the UNDP and IDLO; He has attended and presented papers at many local and international seminars, workshops and conferences and written numerous academic papers, and two books.

He has have served on several editorial boards of international and referred journals while teaching at the Universities of Nairobi, National University of Lesotho and Rhodes University.


Vice Rector