Training Courses

Training Programes conducted thus far

12014Training Workshop on Negotiating International Treaties for African Diplomats, July 31st—August 1st, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia1711615
22015Training Workshop on Bilateral Investment Treaties and Arbitration, 16—20 February, Arusha, Tanzania 32102215
32015Dialogue on Human Rights and the African Judiciary, 18—22 May, Arusha, Tanzania 2882016
42015Atelier de formation sur les traités bilatéraux d'investissement et l’arbitrage 1st--5th June, Arusha, Tanzania2361712
52016Training on Bilateral Investment Treaties and Arbitration, 6—10 June, Arusha, Tanzania32201214
62016Atelier de formation sur les traités bilatéraux d'investissement et l’arbitrage, 26—30 September, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire40122817
72016International Law Seminar for African Universities, 15—26 August, Accra, Ghana30131720
82018Summer Academy on the Continental Shelf, 21—28 April, Arusha, Tanzania31141722
92018Seminar on reviewing international reforms to the investment regime and
To the ISDS mechanism: perspectives from the Asian-African regions, 19—21 November, Arusha, Tanzania
102019Seminar on Best Practices in Arbitration in Africa, 12—14 February, Arusha, Tanzania1676010738
112019Chief Justices Visit to Arusha and The Hague, 3—11 July7347
122019China-Africa Law Forum, 30—31 July, Beijing, China76354128
132019Summer Academy on the Continental Shelf, 1—7 September, Arusha, Tanzania29141516
142020Atelier de formation sur le renforcement des capacités des magistrats en matière de répression des crimes internationaux et transnationaux en Afrique, 24—28 February, Arusha, Tanzania194159
152022Summer Academy on the continental Shelf2862221
162022Shared Water Resources in Africa and International Water Law, 21 July 148579140
172022The Principle of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources : Hopes and Pitfalls in 21st Century Africa Confirmation156609643
182022Advanced introduction to investment law and dispute resolution68224633
Total number of trainees1,013431582
As shown in this chart, AIIL has so far trained 1,013 Africans, of whom 431 women and 582 men in various areas of international law. Training activities are ongoing, including a long-term program for accreditation of African arbitrators scheduled to start as soon as possible.